How do you organize your photos?

Organize Your Marketing Photos


  1. Rich Kuban

    Excellent topic Denise and Richie. I use a serious hobbyist camera for most image taking. When I download these photos, I usually immediately sort them into subject folders, and then move the subject folders into business and personal folders. I generally name them by customer or family name. I find subject file names most useful.

    I also have a pics folder on my desktop where I keep photos I use all the time in presentations. These are edited and optimized photos, sometime different resolutions and sizes. I often make up data sheets for the different subjects on company lettterhead, and insert them into a standard presentation as needed. I am constantly adding new photos and data sheets, but I am seeing the benefits as time goes on. There are major subject folders with subfolders.

    Keep up the good work!!

    1. Richie DeMarco

      Wow Rich!! You get two gold stars!! Great job sorting and taking full advantage of your photos. Thank you for taking the time to comment we really appreciate it!!

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